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In modern online poker, PokerStars events occur every year. What trends are based on them?

For several years now, a common theme for all discussions about the fate of online poker has been statements about the crisis. Those who didn’t know about poker outside of PokerStars talked about its death. The presence of a downturn in the industry is a fact.

Poker game

What is poker game- sports, or gambling?

Since 2010, poker has been recognized as a gambling game, although until that time the situation was quite different. There is no clear answer to this question. In different parts of the world, the attitude to poker is different. In any case, it is obvious that poker has all the qualities of a sports game… Continue reading What is poker game- sports, or gambling?

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Atlantic City employees in danger of losing jobs

An industry-funded report stated that if Gov. James E. McGreevey’s gaming offers pass, the results will be really destructive for Atlantic City employees. As a result of eventual passing, more than 12,000 casino and non-casino jobs would be lost, asset in Atlantic City would be hurt and New Jersey would lose casino tax income.