Bodog Launches New Software And Network, Including All Anonymous Tables

Bodog has launched their long awaited new software and Bodog Poker Network. The biggest change is that all their tables are completely anonymous now, with the intent of ending all player tracking. “This feature stops poker pros accessing any data on how you play your game via the use of HUDs and other data mining sites like PokerTableRatings and SharkScope. This is totally unique to the Bodog Poker Network and will send shockwaves through the online poker playing community.”

Players can now play up to 20 Multi-Table Tournaments simultaneously. The 4-table limit remains for cash games and SNGs. Bodog lowered the heads-up rake cap to $0.50 per hand from $1, which now makes them competitive at every game/stakes. They also have added a Rabbit Cam, and overhauled the tournament schedule.

[Update] PokerTracker has announced that with the new client they no longer support Bodog. “Not enough PT users on Bodog to devote development resources going forward.” Points can no longer be converted to cash, only tournament tickets. Players can not take notes anymore. Hand histories no longer show mucked losing hands. Hopefully only a bug, but they are able to rathole.

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