The Forces behind India’s Booming Online Casino Industry


Over the last decade, the Online Gaming industry has been swiftly growing in India. It has been observed that Indians are quite fond of online gaming. As a result, online casino in India is growing at a rapid pace. In 2019, the gaming industry of India had a net worth of 62 Billion Indian Rupees and was expected to increase rapidly over the next decade. 

Moreover, the rapid pace at which the number of online casinos has increased in India clearly shows the large section of the Indian society that is interested in online casino gambling. Now that Indians have easy access to the internet and more people are playing online games, a considerable number of people are becoming real money players in this business of Indian online casino. 

The Forces behind India’s Booming Online Casino Industry

There are quite a few driving forces behind this boom of online gambling in India. The biggest of them seems to be the availability of cheap internet connection, growing smart-phone industry, and the availability of other gaming gadgets with affordable data plans. All these have exposed more Indians to technologies and the internet. And, as a result of that, more and more Indians can use technology and entertainment, including casino in India in the comfort of their homes. 

Moreover, nowadays, popular Indian casino games such as Indian rummy, Andar Bahar, and Indian flush, etc. are coming widely in the market.

Nowadays, with better technology in hand, India has created an opportunity for itself to develop its mobile gaming, and online gaming industry. And, Indian online casino seems to take advantage of this opportunity. Casinos are trying to expand their market in India over the last decades. Moreover, to justify this, several studies have shown that over the previous few years, online mobile gaming in India is developing rapidly. And, online casinos take a large part of that mobile gaming. 

Another critical factor is the new features that the online casino industry is introducing in India. They are adding several latest features that are becoming the primary source of entertainment for Indian players. For example, the casinos are introducing features like live casino, online casino in indian rupees, etc. Hence, they have become a place for high-quality entertainment. 

Another critical factor is the number of youth in the country. India is the youngest country in the world. Hence, millions of young boys and girls are searching for platforms such as online casinos for their entertainment. As a result, it is creating a fertile market for the online gambling industry in India, taking the youth as their target.

The Battle for a Share of the Indian Market

Since the casino in India has become a fertile market, the battle over the market is also very natural. Everyone is trying to capture such a huge market that is available in India, which has created a good battle. Moreover, in a country like India, several festivals take place throughout the year. And during festivities like Holi, gambling activities in India increase up to 40%. And now, with the introduction of online casinos, a large part of the gambling is taking part online.  The battle that is taking place over the online casinos market is pretty intense. As mentioned earlier, even various foreign casino brands are also introducing online casino in Indian rupees which is a pretty big thing. Moreover, the intensity of the battle for the market can be understood from the following factors:

  1. Recently, the Vietnam-based game developer named Stom Studio has partnered with the Indian game company named Gamesbond to develop casual arcade games in India. 
  2. There is sufficient news that the Chinese gaming company Tencent is planning to invest in the Indian gaming industry. 
  3. Recently, in 2017 the Chinese gaming company Youzu Interactive entered the Indian gaming market. They had a plan to invest around 10 million US Dollars in developing games in India.
  4. Recently, the French video game company Ubisoft has developed two studios in India
  5. Looking at the battle of indian online casino, it is expected that the industry of online gaming in India will grow faster than the global online gaming industry in the coming years. The world has already witnessed the growth in the number of players in online video games in India.

The Driving Forces behind India’s Casino Surge

The internet industry in India is booming at an unexpected place. Now, an extensive section of the Indian population is using online platforms for various daily works regularly. These online platforms also include indian casino online market. India is on its way to become the third-largest economy in the world in the coming years. Hence, the online casino market is also expected to grow very rapidly. 

However, internet services and usage are still at a nascent stage in India. Many players are not yet sure about online gambling. They frequently as questions such as “is neteller legal in india“, “should I gamble in India”. Answering these questions is a little difficult at this moment. On the one hand, gambling is considered illegal in India. On the other hand, the way cheap internet usage, and digitalization have become the driving forces behind a rapidly growing online casino market, and it is not impossible that shortly India will have more relaxed laws in terms of online gambling.

Ever since Jio introduced its data plan, Indian internet usage has grown at a rapid pace. And now, India has the second most internet users in the world only after China. This gives a clear picture of the mightiest driving force behind casino online India market.  

Moreover, online casinos around the country are creating jobs in India, helping the Indian economy. For many people, online casinos are proving their livelihood and making millions of capital investments in India. Hence, the country as a whole is also getting benefited from this boom of online casinos, and the casino in india list is growing. 

What does the Future Hold for Online Casinos in India?

Looking at the present scenario, it can be hoped that the future of online casinos in India is very bright. Indian casino online is going through a golden phase. And it is a great time for Indian players. Casinos from around the world are fighting to provide Indians with the best experience of online gambling and taking care of every requirement of Indian players.

Moreover, the online casino industry is not expected to fall at all soon. In contrast, the market worth of casino online india is believed to rise almost 400% in the ten years or so. 

India will be one of the three biggest economies in the future years. At the same time, it is also the youngest country in the entire world. That means the number of youth in India is highest in India than any other country around the globe. When one considers these factors, it seems very difficult to stop the rapid growth of online gambling in India. Moreover, the way India is progressing towards digitalization, India is hopeful that the casino in India list will keep getting longer every single day.


Millions of youth have found a platform for their entertainment in the form of online casinos and online gambling. Like many other countries, online casino in India is becoming widely popular with millions of players gambling daily. 

The future of online gambling seems even brighter than its present scenario. With thousands of new Indians entering the world of online casinos, the market of online gambling in India is hoping to reach greater heights shortly.

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