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How to become a governor of poker

Just like in a casino, in online poker, your income depends on your abilities to play for your own advantage. Those players who play two games at the same time are mentally prepared for the fact that they will not win to the maximum. What they refuse is our hypothetical gain, which should be transferred to our pockets. You can earn a cent once, then five the other time, and that’s how you heap up big winnings.

As it’s said, take care of pennies, pounds will take of themselves is relevant for the players who are torn between two games and lose their temper quickly. And moreover, they lose their temper more often than those who participate in only one game. But it’s worth noting that everything comes with experience. To begin with, you should get your poker hands on one game, and then move on to playing two.


  • Good flops are given out to set up players
  • Down streak will come after cash out
  • PokerStars affects handouts and cheats

Good flops are given out to set up players

This is a misconception: often the player gets the right cards on the flop, and then a completely unnecessary card on the turn and river. As a result of such hands, there were rumors that poker rooms specifically put good cards on the flop to lure players and increase the pot, and with it, the rake. There is no evidence of this, of course, especially if you think about it carefully, it becomes clear that this is complete nonsense.

Down streak will come after cash out

This is probably one of the most common myths in online poker. Many players face down streak after withdrawing money from their account. They don’t think about variance, or that the psychological component is to blame. These players blame all the poker rooms, which allegedly do not like the fact that customers withdraw their funds.

Players who have no idea about bankroll management and variance often start out with a small amount and believe that the lucky streak will be eternal. In reality, an upstream or downstream in poker can last for a very long period of time (300,000 hands or more).

As a rule, players make cashouts after upgrades (which is not surprising). But the peculiarity of the game of poker is that after the upstream, the downstream will definitely come. And at such moments, instead of working on their game, weak (and lazy) players start blaming everyone and everything.

PokerStars affects handouts and cheats

In 2006, a video with the distribution of one of the PokerStars tournaments appeared on the Internet. It shows how the governor of poker was given pocket aces, and later three more aces appeared on the board. Naturally, the video quickly hit all poker forums and communities, and players began to doubt the integrity of the rooms even more.

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