Poker in india

Cryptocurrency poker in India

Cryptorooms founded in the beginning of the decade are in crisis. CoinPoker is the first poker ICO that has been launched and is working successfully.

Rooms where the game is played on bitcoins, began to develop actively in 2011, as a response to “Black Friday”, and gave the opportunity to Americans to play poker online. Now such rooms are in a deep crisis, many of them have long been closed, and those that work both old (Bitcoin Poker, Nitrogen, SWC) and new (BetKing), can pride themselves on no more than a hundred players at the cash tables on the best days. But now they are being replaced by poker rooms trying to implement blockchain in everything. You have probably heard about poker ICOS. One of them, CoinPoker, became the largest room with a game on cryptocurrency. Virtue Poker, where Phil Ivey works, is in the closed beta stage. It is quite possible that this year we will see other projects in this area. Blockchain is a very promising technology, but its development in online poker is currently being slowed down for a number of reasons.


  • France, Spain and Portugal have combined player pools
  • Sweden, Norway and Australia have taken the path of banning online poker

The sphere of relations between poker rooms and the authorities of different countries has brought a lot of news in recent years. And the main trend in it is unfavorable for online poker in india. The countries that were the first to regulate it (France, Spain and Portugal) found the strength to understand the futility of bans and restrictions within a single state and create a Europol. But a much larger number of other countries do not assimilate this experience and continue to fall into the same trap or even worse, go to the complete ban of games on the Internet for their citizens. In Europe, recent examples are Norway, Sweden and, quite possibly, even Italy. Last year, Australia was lost from the promising markets.

In the US, the legalization process is very slow and is still an internal matter. Three states have created a common pool that can be joined by Pennsylvania. Four other states (New-York, Michigan, Illinois, and Connecticut) are working to create laws to legalize online poker. Most likely, the decision of the supreme court to fully legalize sports betting for all states will give a good impetus to this process.

Asian poker apps

  • PokerMaster has become a poker boom in recent years
  • The idea of playing in closed clubs was plagiarized by many followers in the United States and Russia

In Asia, the legality of playing online poker is also a big problem. China, for example, has banned all poker apps. However, we have highlighted the fact that such rooms have appeared as a separate trend in the development of modern online poker India.

The boom of mobile poker has become the main prerequisite for the emergence of PokerMaster and similar applications. Organizing games in private clubs through agents has become the most unusual innovation in online poker in recent years.

Now this principle is used to create clubs not only for Chinese and other Asians, but also for players from the United States and Russia. In the coming years, it will be very interesting to see how such poker rooms will develop further.

Of course, this list of important topics online is boundless. For example, we are told nothing about the problem of bots, strengthening the fields, “casinotization” of poker.

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